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Playing with ideas [26 Sep 2013|12:19pm]

I don't know, should I paint Billie or Tre? I have no idea and I can't decide.
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Selling items I'm in no longer need of... [10 Feb 2013|03:09pm]

I'm still a fan but as I've grown older I feel satisfied just listening to their music.So I have the International Supervideos! DVD (european), Bullet in a Bible UMD and Bullet in a Bible DVD/CD (european) for sale. I just need space, so give me a price and pay the shipping (from Sweden) and it's yours. Payment through paypal. All items are in good condition, the UMD has never been played since I don't even own a psp... I'm also throwing in a swedish music magazine with 2 pages of Green Day for free!
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[ICONS] x20 Green Day [06 Sep 2011|03:16pm]


( here ) @ shoujo_s
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Green Day's NYC Performance! [02 Jun 2009|10:05am]

Green Day performed a small show in NYC the other day and they are back and rockin as hard as ever with their new album! Watch their full set (all new songs!) and their great interview.
Click on the photo to watch it!:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

There's also an awesome photo gallery, with pics that turned out amazing:

And take it with you to your site:

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21st Century Breakdown [14 May 2009|01:25pm]

Green Days new album, 21st Century Breakdown, is released TOMORROW, May 15th. There is still some time left to preorder the album now(although it won't arrive to you tomorrow, because thats less than 24 hours away). Or you can just stand in line at your favorite music store and purchase it then. Either way, I think you all need to pick up a copy. The band will also be setting off in June for their first world tour in three years as Green Day. Most tickets for North American and European dates have already went on sale. The rest will be on sale to the general public this Saturday, May 16th. Click here to preorder. And here to view tour dates and purchase your tickets.

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Know Your Enemy [16 Apr 2009|10:08pm]

I wanted to remind you all that the first single off 21st Century Breakdown was released this morning. It's called Know Your Enemy. I'm posting a widget at the bottom of this with a clip of the song in it. So listen to it and go to itunes to buy it if you like what you hear.

Do you love Green Day? Want to help spread the word on the release of their new album? And be able to win cool prizes from the band themselves? All for FREE?
Then go here http://thestreetnetwork.sparkart.com/greenday/index.php?noredirect=1 to sign up and get started! Upon sign up, in the box where it says 'who were you referred by', please put the username 'dead_beat'.
What are you waiting for? It's completely free! You get news about the band, the album, and you get to connect with other fans all around the world.
Remember. Just put dead_beat in the referred by box. ;)

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[28 Jan 2008|07:24pm]

it's here!
a new green day community is here :)

greendaycomm  greendaycomm  greendaycomm  greendaycomm  greendaycomm  greendaycomm  greendaycomm  greendaycomm 
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[19 Dec 2006|05:15pm]

Green Day Catalog Re-Release!

Read The Press Release Here
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[12 Jun 2006|05:53pm]

Hey I am new.I love Green Day.I have an Lj community _billie_joe if you want to check it out.:D
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Green Day community [08 Jan 2006|09:13pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Hi everybody, I created a community not to long ago called gd_shenanigans and it's a place for Green Day fans to come together and discuss what other than Green Day. Any Green Day fan is welcome, so please join: http://www.livejournal.com/community/gd_shenanigans Thank you. ^_^

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[21 Nov 2005|07:07pm]

[ mood | bored ]

thought u guys might wanna see some really cute pics of green day as little kiddies...so here ya go

billie joe
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
billie joe
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

well......ya...they're just soooo adorable i had to share

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[17 Nov 2005|06:08pm]

a question about bullet in a bible:

anyone know why they didnt include "when i come around?"
it just doesnt seem complete without it.
i know they're still playing it cause i saw them live twice during the american idiot tour.
it seems odd that one of their first huge hits was omitted.
even if the film was running long, they could have at least put it on the cd...

i wish they'd still play "waiting" too.
that song was killer live....
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Conan O'Brien [12 Nov 2005|01:07am]

[ mood | nervous ]

Did anyone else watch Green Day on Conan O'Brien just now?
They played "Wake Me Up When September Ends"...it was very nice, Billie Joe looked cute as always. =)

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[29 Sep 2005|10:01pm]
Wooo.. yet another test!

Greenday Lyrics!

I got 82%.. click here to take the test.
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[02 Sep 2005|04:57pm]

Since Green Day has changed so much, I think they should at least change their show as well. Its always the same. they always do the band on stage thing. Billie always comes out with a water gun. They always play "you make me wanna shout" and king for a day together while billie wears a crown and a cape. The only thing thats different now is that he pretends to jack off on stage and they sing "We are the champions" at the end...o and biliie says "Im rick james, bitch" now too.
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these are the best days of my life [02 Sep 2005|04:34am]

[ mood | amazed ]


first this band i dont remember the name of performed.
but me, luke, crazy eyes, and bortquist weren't really paying attention to them.
bortquist kept jumping over crazy eyes. they kept doing it to impress people. at first it was cool. but then it got kindof annoying.
then jimmy eat world came on
and they were good but we werent realy paying attention to them either
and we were like not very far from the stage but i dont know maybe 20 feet away. something like that. not to bad
we had floor tickets
which rocked
green day come on
i lost my fucking voice by the end
I kept screaming out stuff like "YOU GUYS ARE MY FUCKING HEROS"
and just woos and such. and when he would jerk off, i screamed out stuff like "FUCK YEAH"
and when he was singing shout and "it got alittle bit softer now" but like really low. and he started humping the stage me and luke both screamed out "YOU FUCK THAT STAGE"
it was awesome.
i made friends with this one girl who when billie joe screamed out "somebody fuck me" she screamed out "I WILL" and when billie joe kissed the lady after she played the guitar, the girl goes "WHAT THE FUCK? I PLAY GUITAR TOO. KISS ME."
and she was awesome.
and it just rocked
it rocked me like a hurricane.
bortquist let me get on his shoulders sometimes.
and we met this kid that looked like johnny tsunami... never found out his real name... but he shall be referred to as... johnny tsuname.. or... georgie.. kinda looked like a georgie... and um anyway
words cant even begin to describe how amazing it was
they are my fucking heroes
corey found this little kid that had backstage passes. and corey awasplaying like football with him and he was like "tell your mom that she should give me those backstage passes. she probably doesnt even like green day." and the kid was like "she likes classical" and corey screamed out "EXACTLY"
but then the kid totally ditched us to go... "BACKSTAGE" is what i like to call it...
but it fucking rocked
they played american idiot, jesus of suburbia, holiday, boulevard of broken dreams, longview, basketcase, brain stew, minority, king for a day, st jimmy, she, hitchin a ride, wake me up when september ends, are we the waiting, they ended with good riddance and i think some others. for good riddance, it was awesome but he played it on electric instead of acoustic. which wasn't the same. but it still rocked.
and before they played jesus of suburbia, billie joe goes "this goes out to all of you from a small town." or something like that. and me and luke screamed out "FUCKIN BEACON"
they also played knowledge, we are hte champions, shout, and stand by me.
it rocked.
when billie joe was jerking off and shit it was fucking orgasmic.
it was amazing
and when billie joe introduced everybody he goes "to my left, i have the best fucking bass player in the history of punk rock, he looks really good naked... MIKE DIRNT.... AND THE BEST FUCKIN DRUMMER IN THE HISTORY OF ROCK AND ROLL... HES FUN TO TAKE SHOWERS WITH... TRE COOL" and i was like... fuck yeah. and afterwards me and luke kept quoting saving silverman and being like "I WANNA PARTY WITH YOU. I WANNA PARTY WITH YOU" and it was good and i laughed. and yeah
there were moshpits everywhere. it was awesome. i was mostly on the outskirts.
but i got kicked and shit
it fuckin rocked
and i would scream regularly and really high pitched and the guy next to me went "where you at the used concert on tuesday?" and i was like "nah" and he goes "oh cause there was someone that sounded exactly like you" and he kept rubbing his ear like i hurt his ears. and i was like "WHO FUCKIN CARES? WOOT" no i didn't say that but i should've.
it was amazing. from tre cools amazing drumming and stupid yet awesome faces, to mike dirnt's awesome bass lines and really cool serious faces, to billie joe's awesome singing and orgasmic sexual acts, to jason whites awesome awesome guitar playing. and it just rocked. I can't even begin to explain it.
luke, crazy eyes, and bortquist don't even understand.
they were there. and they dont understand how much this fucking meant to me.
to see my idols, my heroes. the people i wana grow up to be.. ya know minus the dicks.... I CANT EVEN BELIEVE IT
they were there
They were right there
i saw them
it was them
not a tv
not filmed before, shown now
happening now, watching now, amazing now.
and it was the best fucking day of my life
i cant even begin to explain how much that fucking meant to me.
i will meet them someday.
I've decided tonight that i want to be in a rock band and i want people to know my name. whether they curse when they hear it or they cheer, i want to be known.

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[31 Aug 2005|11:49pm]

[ mood | excited ]


Fuckin right doggy.

kick ass. cant fuckin wait.



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[18 Aug 2005|07:07pm]

Does anyone want a ticket to go see Green Day in Atlanta on the 23rd? Someone was supposed to go with me, but bailed out.

I paid approximately $60 for it, so that's what I'm selling it for (it's a floor ticket, so if you get there early you can get as close as you want).

Comment or send me an email if you're interested in buying it. I can meet you at the gate and give you your ticket or something to that extent. Just comment if you want it.
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Green Day START Homepage @ AwesomeStart.com [13 Aug 2005|11:03pm]

So I'm running this new site called http://www.awesomestart.com Bascially it's a customizable homepage. It's got a google search, your favorite news links, a link to your email, and all that kind of stuff.

I'm making skins for all sorts of alternative bands. I have a whole saddle creek set on there, Evanescence, Linkin Park, a bunch for the synth rock community . . . There's maybe 20 other bands on the site. If you go to the main page you can see which are the most
popular right now. All the Saddle Creek bands seem to be up there right now, so we need to get more people adding the Green Day page as their homepage. That would be awesome if it was no. 1.

Anyways, the idea for these pages is you can just make one of them your homepage. That way you'll have all the links you need everytime you open up your browser. And the page will look cool because it has an awesome band like Green Day on it.

Rather than clicking on the picture above, though, I recommend you customize it
first by going here: http://www.awesomestart.com/preferences.php

Let me know what you guys think! There's more coming every day. Oh, and please help me spread the word! If people could repost this in different places and tell your friends and stuff, that would be really cool.

Thanks for your support you guys. You rock.

x-posted on four other greenday communities
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[10 Aug 2005|05:14pm]

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